Matte or dewy?

A question I often get asked as a makeup professional is whether a girl should use a matte or dewy foundation. To put simply, the answer is that both are great for different reasons – it depends on the ‘finish’ you want to achieve and it also depends on your skin type.

matte finish

Matte finish foundation:

If you have super oily skin that tends to become shiny and ‘oily’ during the day, matte is great option for a longer wearing foundation that appears more velvety and matte on the skin all day long.




Dewy finish foundation:

Dewy skin is still high in trend at the moment reflection that athletic effortless looking skin. A dewy look can be fresh and luminous but for longevity a powder is recommend to have on handy, for the high ‘oily’ points on the face, follow the T-zone.

dewy finish

Tell me what you prefer? I’d love to know!

MH x


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