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New MH Mandate

November 23 2021 – MH Studio COVID19 Update

As we are all aware by now, our states borders are opening up (exciting times for those with loved ones interstate) but with this comes a whole set of new realities that require careful and stringent consideration.
MH just like any other business has to find a way to operate within this new framework whilst putting the safety, health and wellbeing of our clients and the greater community at the forefront.

As of  Tuesday November 23 2021 ALL brow and makeup clients who wish to attend their appointments in studio will be required to present their vaccination status on arrival. This can be easily found via the Medicare or My Gov app on your smart phone. Please ensure you have these services linked up or present your physical certificate with on arrival.

If you cannot provide this documentation you will be asked to leave and your appointment will be charged at the full rate.

If you have received your first vaccination you will be able to attend your appointment this week as planned however as of Tuesday November 30 2021, we will only be honouring bookings to clients who have received both their first and second doses of vaccine.

Due to the up close and personal nature of the services we provide in studio there ultimately was only the one logical choice to protect each and everyone of us as best we can.  We simply must place all the emphasis on the health and safety of each and everyone of our valued client list.

A close contact to a positive case in studio would result in a shut down during our busiest time of year, something we simply can’t afford. Not only would it be financially devastating for the business but most importantly we have to consider vulnerable members of our family who face the greatest risk from this virus.  A risk that has real life and death implications.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we truly appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate this next stage of our country opening up for business in what will hopefully be a more normal fashion.

If you yourself have any symptoms of COVID19 please get tested and reschedule your appointment at MH via Timely. In the event of a cancelled appointment due to sickness you will be able to rebook once you are able to present proof of a negative test result or are no longer unwell.

If you have been a close contact of a case or have received a positive test result and have visited the studio PLEASE contact MH immediately.

After deep consideration we truly believe this is the best course of action for now.  We know things can change rapidly and MH studio will always seek the best and most accurate health advice to safeguard our clients and the broader community from any preventable risks.

This is not a forever solution… just the one that makes the most sense for the time being as we navigate this change in the way people move, interact and ultimately get back to enjoying the freedoms and services we have all been missing.

MH studio truly appreciates your support and understanding as we move into what will hopefully be a happy, healthy and busy festive season.

MH x

My top 5 beauty products

In this post, I will take you through my top 5 beauty products and why they’re important to me.


It’s my ultimate pick me up for dehydrated or tired skin. It moisturises the skin and gives it a fresh boost.


For rejuvenating my skin overnight or under my makeup on occasion. It smoothes the skin, nourishes and helps balance skin tone.

PRE CLEANSE By Dermalogica

I am a double cleanse kind of girl, but I want something quick fast & gentle. This melts off and removes all my make up in one go. I use the pre-cleanse as a makeup remover before a cleanser.


This is one of my fav’s, a spritz you can always find in my handbag. Keeps my makeup fresh and hydrated all day. Great for taking away that powdery look, spritz it once you’ve finished your makeup or even at the beginning or middle if you fancy. AND best of all it smells delicious.


It’s expensive but totally worth it.. It looks like mint chocolate and tastes good too!! I can’t use waxy or vaseline like lip balms myself, so this is perfect for me with almost a matte-like finish. It strengthens the lips and helps protect them from damage.

Matte or dewy?

A question I often get asked as a makeup professional is whether a girl should use a matte or dewy foundation. To put simply, the answer is that both are great for different reasons – it depends on the ‘finish’ you want to achieve and it also depends on your skin type.

matte finish

Matte finish foundation:

If you have super oily skin that tends to become shiny and ‘oily’ during the day, matte is great option for a longer wearing foundation that appears more velvety and matte on the skin all day long.




Dewy finish foundation:

Dewy skin is still high in trend at the moment reflection that athletic effortless looking skin. A dewy look can be fresh and luminous but for longevity a powder is recommend to have on handy, for the high ‘oily’ points on the face, follow the T-zone.

dewy finish

Tell me what you prefer? I’d love to know!

MH x

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