Brow Shaping

As an brow specialist, Millie has been shaping brows for over 7 years now, using tweezers and scissors to create the ultimate shape for each of her clients. Millie says brow shaping is not only about the end result, but also about helping clients to better understand the shape of their face, so they can see how the perfect brow is achieved and maintained. “Having your eyebrows professionally groomed is like having a facelift – fabulous brows can really enhance your natural facial features,” she says.

“The perfect brow is one that has all the right dimensions and structure and which suits the face of the individual client. A brow should start and peak at certain points of the face, have a defined arch and slowly taper in at the sides”. The rest is up to the clients preference under MH guidance.

Millie says a consultation where she talks the client through the shaping process is essential. “The initial shape takes 30 minutes. I talk to the client one-on-one about their brows, their shape, previous treatments and what can be done to improve them.”

Initial Brow design & Consultation (includes tint): $70.00 

Brow Shape – subsequent appointment (includes tint) : $60.00

Brow Shape – subsequent appointment (excludes tint): $50.00

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