Before making an enquiry or booking with MILLIE HERD (MH) please carefully review the following Terms & Conditions.

By making an enquiry or booking you agree to these Terms.

Sickness Policy

“MH takes the health and safety of its valued customers seriously.  For the safety of MH and all clients, MH is unable to see clients who are unwell. If you are feeling unwell or have any cold like symptoms or (in light of COVID-19 outbreak) have been interstate or outside of Australia in the past 14 days, please reschedule your appointment with MH. If you arrive with cold like or similar symptoms, MH may refuse to provide its services and request that you reschedule your appointment.  Thank you for your care, love and understanding. MH”

Making bookings with MH:

Bookings and changes to bookings for makeup and weddings with MH must be made via email.  Existing clients may also make bookings or changes to bookings in person at the time of their appointment.

Bookings or changes to bookings cannot be made via social media channels or text message.

All makeup bookings are subject to MH availability.  No booking or change of booking is secured until MH provides a booking confirmation by email. 

Bookings for weddings can be made up to 12 months in advance.

Bookings for event makeup or makeup trials can be made up to six months in advance. 


Bookings and changes to bookings for brow consultations with MH must be made via the online booking system available here.


Bookings for brow consultations with MH can be made up to three months in advance.

A confirmation will be sent to you via email once you have secured a brow booking with MH. A reminder text will also be sent to you 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.   


Prices for services are as noted on the MH website at [] or otherwise agreed by MH in writing and set out in your booking confirmation.  All prices include GST.

Additional information for Weddings:

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required and payable to secure your wedding date with MH. Payment by bank transfer or credit card is accepted to secure the booking.

The balance must be paid no later than 90 days before the wedding date.

For a wedding where MH is required to travel to location, the number of individuals for servicing as part of the booking must be at least 3 but no more than 5 people unless MH agrees otherwise. If there are more than 5 required for servicing it is recommended that a second makeup artist is also hired. MH is not responsible for bringing an assistant or organising the second makeup artist, although MH is happy to offer recommendations.

MH doesn’t believe make up trials for weddings are essential but if you wish to have one these are conducted at the MH studio. MH recommends the trial be booked as close as possible to the wedding date after the date has been secured with MH, however MH understands some clients may wish to book a trial before securing a wedding date.  MH is happy to provide these trials but reminds clients that a trial does not secure a wedding date.  A wedding date is only secured upon payment of the non-refundable deposit.  If you wish to book a trial before securing a wedding date MH recommends you make the trial booking quickly and well in advance of the wedding date while it is available.

Additional information for event makeup or trials:

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required and payable to secure your booking for event makeup or makeup trials with MH.  Payment by bank transfer or credit card is accepted to secure the booking.

The balance must be paid at the time of the appointment.


MH may charge for travel costs where MH is required to travel to location to provide its services. Costs for travel are based on the MH rate of $150 per hour and will be notified at the time of booking.  The client will also be responsible for any parking costs.

MH recommends all single makeup and brow bookings be performed at the MH studio so no travel costs are incurred for the client. There is on street parking available at the MH studio.

Changes to bookings and cancellations:

MH understands that unexpected circumstances can arise and clients do sometimes experience change of mind.  However, to reflect the loss of opportunity and inability to make replacement bookings within certain time periods, the following change/cancellation requirements and charges apply.

For weddings, the non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure a date and will not be refunded in any circumstances.  This amount will be forfeited upon any cancellation or change of date, regardless of when made.

For weddings, you must notify MH of any changes to numbers of makeups or cancellations at least 90 days in advance of the event. For cancellations within 90 days of the event any prepaid amounts will not be refunded.  For cancellations more than 90 days before the event, prepaid amounts relating to the cancelled service (other than the non-refundable deposit) may be refunded.

For bookings for event makeup or trials, you must notify MH of any change or cancellation to your appointment at least 72 hours before your appointment.  The non-refundable deposit will be forfeited upon any cancellation or change after this time.

For brow bookings with MH, a text message will be sent 24 hours prior to your appointment to remind you of your appointment. You must notify MH of any change or cancellation to your appointment within 12 hours of the appointment.  A cancellation fee of the whole amount will apply for any changes or cancellation after this time. 


MH uses a range of high quality products in providing its services.  Every client is unique and MH cannot guarantee that a particular product will be suitable or available for use on you.  Use of product is at MH’s discretion and MH tailors its product usage to each client to achieve best results. 

MH does not provide or sell makeup products. For makeup trials a suitable lip colour will be discussed with the client.  It is recommended that the client purchase any colour recommended to use on touch ups on the day of the event. For an event you are welcome to bring any makeup or lipstick of your choosing to be applied or used for touch ups.

Preparing for and during consultations:

You must inform MH before commencement of any service of any skin or health conditions, allergies or sensitivities that may affect the services to be provided.  If you do so, MH will seek to use appropriate products having regard to any disclosed conditions, allergies or sensitivities to minimise the risk of irritation or reaction.

MH adopts strict hygiene and cleanliness practices in providing services.  It is recommended that clients have clean and clear skin before using MH services to achieve best results.  

MH will not apply lipstick if there are any coldsores or possible health risks involved or where contamination may occur.

Clients may use moisturiser or SPF prior to MH services.  However, use by a client of their own skin care or make during or after MH services may interfere with any makeup applied by MH.  MH will not be responsible for any affect on the longevity of the makeup in these circumstances.

Waxing of brows or facial areas will affect the application of the makeup. Please be mindful of this before your appointment.  If you are booked with MH for brows prior to your event, a period of 1-2 weeks in advance of the event is recommended for best results.


Payment can be made by cash or card for all bookings.  MH also accepts payment by bank transfer for weddings or makeups.

Property and phones:

Clients are financially responsible for any damages caused to MH property or equipment.

To minimise disruptions, MH kindly asks that all mobile phones are switched off or placed on silent for the duration of the appointment.

Social Media and Promotion:

MH loves sharing content on social media channels and may take photographs during your appointment for this and other promotional purposes.  If you do not want MH to use any photographs taken in this way you must notify MH during your consultation.

The client is also welcome to share any posts or stories on their social media channels using the #millieherd handle or hashtag #millieherdmakeupandbrows

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